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Our customer service and sales CRM software is designed to create better customer relationships. Build the best customer experiences with Zendesk.

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Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix reinventing shopping. Our service is deeply personal and permanently changes behavior. We have custom platforms for personal styling, merchandising, warehouse management, and logistics. Almost all our technology is built with Ruby and we are proud sponsors of Ruby Together.


The easiest cloud platform to deploy, manage & scale applications of any size.

Our Emerald members include Bear & Giraffe, Simple Thread, Intercom, Contributed Systems, AppFolio, BoochTek, Minnesota Public Radio, Metabahn, AddressFinder, thoughtbot, The Conversation, Kisko Labs, Rabid Technologies, ChartMogul, Intellum, Chef, Unboxed, makandra, Buildkite, Moonfarmer, Redbubble, Honeybadger, ClickFunnels, Skovik, AppSignal, weLaika, Nebulab, Lifen, murb, Renuo AG, and 84codes AB.

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Our 124 developer members include Carol (Nichols || Goulding), Todd Eichel, Patrick McKenzie, Fred Jean, Zee Spencer, Jeremy Hinegardner, Jake Wilkins, Wes "Narnach" Oldenbeuving, Jason Weathered, Andrew White, pete higgins, Adarsh Pandit, Joseph Method, @BrianLauber, Kazuho Yamaguchi, Sean Moubry, Nic Boie, Daisuke Goto, Cecile Veneziani, Damir Zekić, Cameron Dutro, Rob Nichols, Wolfgang Rittner, Harry Lascelles, Adrien Rey-Jarthon, Sunito, Dave South, PikachuEXE, Eric Henderson, Richard Harrah, Daniel Fone, Jeff Sandberg, Rob, Sebastian Cohnen, Sami Samhuri, Georg Gadinger (@nilsding), Brandon Conway, Pat Allan, Bill Niblock, Vasilisa, Jon Seidel, Colin Fleming, Jason, Ryan Ahearn, Matt Sias, Mike Boone, Philip Arndt, Jimmy Chu, Jimmy Chu (HKWTF), Tobias Pfeiffer, Brandon Weaver, David Revelo, Jared White, Manuel Meurer, Efstathios Stivaros, Aleksandar Krastev, Pito Salas, Joel Hawksley, Dan Milne, Sinan Taifour, Nick Willever, Shaun McCormick, Abdullah Esmail, Grant Hutchins, Luke, Niklaus Giger, Chris Houhoulis, Josh Mills, Wayne Vucenic, Joe Winter, Stephan Kämper, Jay Ang, Marco Roth, Kim Laplume, Max Woolf, Mooktakim Ahmed, Valentino Stoll, Andrew Newell, Tim Tilberg, Noah Stern, whysthatso, Naechrr, Kyoungwon Lee, and viewers like you.

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