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Stripe is the best way to accept payments online. Stripe aims to expand internet commerce by making it easy to process transactions and manage an online business. We want to increase the GDP of the internet.


An experimental peer-to-peer root DNS.

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Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is the voice of today’s sports fan and one of the fastest-growing digital properties in the U.S. As the digital leader in sports content and real-time event coverage B/R produces some of the most viral, timely and in-depth content catering to sports fans across the globe.


The easiest cloud platform to deploy, manage & scale applications of any size.


Triplebyte is the first software engineering job platform that is on the developer's side. We don't look at your resume or credentials. We only look at your skills and give you personal feedback. Take our coding quiz and skips steps in the hiring process at top tech companies now.

Our Emerald members include Bear & Giraffe, Simple Thread, Kickstarter, Intercom, Contributed Systems, AppFolio, bitcrowd, Simplificator AG, BoochTek, Minnesota Public Radio, Metabahn, SuperBorrowNet, AddressFinder, Geckoboard, thoughtbot, Flux Federation, The Conversation, Kisko Labs, Brakeman Pro, Rabid Technologies, ChartMogul, Teezily, Intellum, Carbon Five, Chef, Unboxed, Shakr, Evil Martians, makandra, Buildkite, Moonfarmer, Scout RFP, Redbubble, ClickFunnels, AppSignal, BackerKit, weLaika, Nebulab, Lifen, Piece Of Code, murb, and Renuo AG.

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Our 116 developer members include Becker, Carol (Nichols || Goulding), Todd Eichel, Patrick McKenzie, Fred Jean, Sebastian von Conrad, Zee Spencer, George Sheppard, Jeremy Hinegardner, Jake Wilkins, Wes "Narnach" Oldenbeuving, Jason Weathered, Andrew White, pete higgins, Mariusz Droździel, Jeremy Green, Adarsh Pandit, @BrianLauber, Aaron Suggs, Jo Pu, Keith Pitty, Ryan Bigg, Kazuho Yamaguchi, Terry Finn, Sean Moubry, Barrett Clark, Nic Boie, Dana Sherson, Andrew Nesbitt, Joseph Method, Daisuke Goto, Cecile Veneziani, Damir Zekić, Cameron Dutro, Rob Nichols, Minku Lee, Wolfgang Rittner, Fritz Grabo, Harry Lascelles, Adrien Jarthon, Sunito, Andreas Eger, Dave South, PikachuEXE, Eric Henderson, Tom Black, Richard Harrah, Daniel Fone, Jeff Sandberg, Rob, Florent, Sebastian Cohnen, Eliot Sykes, Byron Appelt, Dominic Dagradi, Abu Nashir, Georg Gadinger (@nilsding), Brandon Conway, Pat Allan, Bill Niblock, Vasilisa, Jon Seidel, Balo, badosu, Ryan Ahearn, Matt Sias, Ollie Bennett, Mike Boone, Philip Arndt, Jimmy Chu, Jimmy Chu (HKWTF), Tobias Pfeiffer, and viewers like you.

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