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Stripe is the best way to accept payments online. Stripe aims to expand internet commerce by making it easy to process transactions and manage an online business. We want to increase the GDP of the internet.

Codeminer 42

One of the most prominent Rails consultancies in Brazil. With 60+ developers, offices in 7 cities, 5+ years of experience delivering projects for Brazilian and USA clients. The co-founder Fabio Akita is responsible for the yearly Rubyconf Brasil since 2008. Codeminer 42 is the go to shop if you want Agile delivery in Ruby/JS.

Emerald Members

Cloud City Development

Cloud City Development is a San Francisco based software shop that specializes in building and designing products using Lean UX principles, scaling APIs, Ruby on Rails development, and CTO consulting.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is the voice of today’s sports fan and one of the fastest-growing digital properties in the U.S. As the digital leader in sports content and real-time event coverage B/R produces some of the most viral, timely and in-depth content catering to sports fans across the globe.


Helping people make progress on projects together.


DigitalOcean is the world's fastest growing cloud infrastructure provider built for developers.


GitLab is open source software to collaborate on code. Used by more than 100,000 organizations, GitLab is the solution to manage Git repositories on-premises.

Travis CI

Helping developers everywhere build and ship better software.


We’re a studio in Australia with a team of problem solvers who want to work with you to build a better world. We work with Ruby every day, and do our best to push Ruby forward through our support of the dry-rb project.

Our Onyx members include Bear & Giraffe, Contributed Systems, Kindly Ops, LLC, Binary Noggin, Appcanary, Dev Fu!, BoochTek, Tommy John, SuperBorrowNet, Powershop, Planio, The Conversation, Keycoopt, Hexagonal Consulting, Okapi LLC, Brakeman Pro, Rabid Technologies, ChartMogul, Kundigo, Fretless, Teezily, Intellum, Shakr, Rebased, Evil Martians, Substance Lab, Buildkite, MAKEMUSIC, Evolving Media Network / Moonfarmer, Newington College, Ben Lovell Ltd, Brandeis University, Scout RFP, and Atomic Object.

Our Jade members include Estately, bitcrowd, Minnesota Public Radio, AddressFinder, Geckoboard, makandra, Instrumental, DocRaptor, Modern Message, and Honeybadger.

Our Topaz members include Ecstatic Labs, Optoro, CustomInk, Yammer, Kickstarter, Square, Intercom, DevMynd, AppFolio, Simplificator AG, Metabahn, Sabre Corp, Envato, Kisko Labs,, Carbon Five, Chef, and Unboxed.

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Developer Members

Our 116 developer members include Wayne Robinson, Pat Allan, Becker, Carol (Nichols || Goulding), Todd Eichel, Patrick McKenzie, Fred Jean, Sebastian von Conrad, Zee Spencer, Luis Lavena, George Sheppard, Josh Kaufman, Christopher Eckhardt, Jeremy Hinegardner, Philip Arndt, Andy Croll, Wes "Narnach" Oldenbeuving, Matt Brictson, Piotr Szotkowski, Tiago Amaro, Dirkjan Bussink, Andrew White, pete higgins, Alexey Mogilnikov, Mariusz Droździel, Joel Watson, James Adney, Jeremy Green, Adarsh Pandit, @BrianLauber, Camille Baldock, Nick & Amanda Quaranto, James Turnbull, Jacob Helwig, Helio Cola, Keith Pitty, Dave H, Ryan Bigg, Jason Charnes, Nikki Murray , Teng Siong Ong, Brian Buchalter, Terry Finn, Sean Moubry, Simon Starr, Barrett Clark, Nic Boie, Tara Scherner de la Fuente, Jon Daniel, Lamont Granquist, Tom Johnson, Patrick McSweeny, Dan Sherson, Andrew Nesbitt, Jeffrey Baird, James Wen, George Claghorn, Ryan Ahearn, Tony Drake, Cecile Veneziani, Vincent Daubry, Colby M. White, Marc Greenstock, Tiago Mendes-Costa, Damir Zekić, Adam Niedzielski, Pascal Betz, Marion Schleifer, Cameron Dutro, Christoph Lupprich, John Akers, Megan Tiu, Rob Nichols, Minku Lee, Wolfgang Rittner, Fritz Grabo, Adrien Jarthon, Mischa Lewis-Norelle, Justin Burris, Thom May, Jack Bracewell, Karlotcha Hoa, Greg Mcguirk, Stanislav Katkov, Chris Holmes, Sangwon Yi, Andreas Eger, Jon Atack, Eric Henderson, Nichol Alexander, Richard Harrah, Daniel Fone, Danielle Tomlinson, Piotr Szmielew, Andrei Beliankou, Matthew Werner, Eliot Sykes, Spencer Roach, Ivan Stana, Dominic Dagradi, Ambreen Hasan, Dian Pan, and viewers like you.

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