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Ruby Together funds open source projects on a quarterly basis. We accept project proposals at any time, and once every three months the Ruby Together project committee decides which projects we will fund for the next three months.


To be eligible for funding, your project needs to meet a few requirements:

How To Apply

Open the project proposal form and fill it out. We ask questions to be able to understand and evaluate the project and your work proposal. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to fill out a proposal (and if it does, please tell us about it so we can fix it!)

Work Expectations

Project proposals will be evaluated on outcomes, not on hours worked. We do not expect you to work an exact number of hours, but we are looking for projects that resemble what you might do in three months at a full-time job. When applying, the most important thing is to know how much time you will actually be able to spend, and what meaningful results you can achieve in that time.

Ruby Together project funding is intended to support work that needs large blocks of concentrated time, or needs a large amount of time, to get done. We are happy to fund both boring work like triage and bugfixes as well as exciting work like creating new tools that have never existed before.

Selection process

The Ruby Together project selection committee will evaluate proposals based on several criteria:

Today, the project committee includes the board of directors. Funded projects will be announced in the Ruby Together monthly update each cycle.

Project reports

Each accepted project will be expected to submit a project report twice per month. Project reports should demonstrate that the work proposed is being accomplished, and will be used to provide updates to Ruby Together’s members. For example project reports, see the Ruby Toolbox section in Ruby Together’s monthly updates.


Accepted proposals will include a total funding amount between $3,000 and $30,000 USD, set by the project committee. The total amount will be paid in three payments, once per month. Each monthly payment will be made after both progress reports for that month have been submitted, and the work has been verified by the Ruby Together team.

We are able to send payments via international wire and PayPal. We may be able to accommodate other payment methods, although we can’t guarantee it will be possible.


Ruby Together reviews proposals and funds projects once every three months. Our yearly funding cycles run from December to February, March to May, June to August, and September to November.

For example, here is the expected schedule for a February to April funding cycle:

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Feel free to refer to the example application as your fill out your application.

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