Ruby Together roadmap

Take a look at where we're headed.

Focus Areas

Today, Ruby Together is committed to improving the three most widely-used core Ruby tools:

Upcoming Projects

As time and funding permits, the Ruby Together team will:

And there will be more! We start new projects based on community need and Ruby Together's available funding.

Fundraising Progress


Rapid Improvements

  • Hire a second full-time dev to focus on Ruby, Rails, & other projects


Steady Improvements

  • Hire a full-time dev to improve gem tools
  • Create a public Ruby ecosystem analytics dashboard
  • Merge Bundler and RubyGems into a single, unified project
  • Expand RubyBench to comprehensively cover Ruby, Rails, and Bundler


Slow Improvements

  • 3 devs at 1-2 days per week
  • Maintain Bundler, RubyGems, and
  • Continuous improvements, as long as nothing unusual goes wrong


Limited Maintenance

  • 2-3 devs at 5 hours per week
  • Maintain Bundler and
  • No maintenance on RubyGems
  • Improvements only from volunteers



  • Maintenance as time permits
  • Fixes take days or weeks
  • Improvements take months or years

We have ambitious fundraising goals, and as we hit them we will kick off even bigger projects:

  • Create a public Ruby ecosystem analytics dashboard, including Ruby version usage, Bundler version usage, and dramatically expanded statistics for each gem
  • Merge Bundler and RubyGems to stop bugs due to mismatched versions forever
  • Expand into a public benchmark for every commit of Bundler, Rails, and Ruby itself
Those are just examples, and there's a lot more.

When we hit $35k per month, we'll not only have developers maintaining every core tool, we'll have someone working to improve those tools full time as well. When we hit $50k per month, we'll hire a second full-time developer to focus on maintaining and improving Rails and Ruby itself.

Ruby needs this, and your help is critical to get it done.


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