Our Roadmap

Take a look at where we're headed.

Focus Areas

Today, Ruby Together is committed to improving the three most widely-used core Ruby tools:

Upcoming Projects

As time and funding permits, the Ruby Together team will:

And there will be more! We start new projects based on community need and Ruby Together's available funding.

Fundraising Progress

This graph represents Ruby Together's fundraising progress to date, as well as our future fundraising goals. This does not include sponsored work on projects by groups other than Ruby Together.


Rapid Improvements

  • Hire a second full-time dev to focus on Ruby, Rails, & other projects


Steady Improvements

  • Hire a full-time dev to improve gem tools
  • Create a public Ruby ecosystem analytics dashboard
  • Merge Bundler and RubyGems into a single, unified project
  • Expand RubyBench to comprehensively cover Ruby, Rails, and Bundler


Slow Improvements

  • 3 devs at 1-2 days per week
  • Maintain Bundler, RubyGems, and RubyGems.org
  • Continuous improvements, as long as nothing unusual goes wrong


Limited Maintenance

  • 2-3 devs at 5 hours per week
  • Maintain Bundler and RubyGems.org
  • No maintenance on RubyGems
  • Improvements only from volunteers



  • Maintenance as time permits
  • Fixes take days or weeks
  • Improvements take months or years

We have ambitious fundraising goals, and as we hit them we will kick off even bigger projects:

  • Create a public Ruby ecosystem analytics dashboard, including Ruby version usage, Bundler version usage, and dramatically expanded statistics for each gem
  • Merge Bundler and RubyGems to stop bugs due to mismatched versions forever
  • Expand RubyBench.org into a public benchmark for every commit of Bundler, Rails, and Ruby itself
Those are just examples, and there's a lot more.

When we hit $35k per month, we'll not only have developers maintaining every core tool, we'll have someone working to improve those tools full time as well. When we hit $50k per month, we'll hire a second full-time developer to focus on maintaining and improving Rails and Ruby itself.

Ruby needs this, and your help is critical to get it done.


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